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Buy early, buy smart! With prices set to climb from our initial private sale round A through to the IDO, early purchasers get to grab the best deals. Invest in FSQN now to secure unmatched prices before they soar.

16 Days
21 Hours
23 minutes
38 seconds
Until the end of the private sale
Sales FSQN (Round A): 30,000,000 Left FSQN To Buy: 569,321
1 USDT = 100 FSQN
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  • Tokenomics

With our FSQN token, you get access to all the functionality of our platform!

The utilitarian FSQN token enables payment for services, access to features, transparent emission distribution, various token sale stages, and participation in a promising project’s development.

  • Initial circulating supply:  17,500,000 FSQN (1.75%)
  • Maximum number of tokens that can be burned: 50%
Blockchain Network
Utility Token Ticker
  • Utility Token
  • Access the enhanced features of our messenger/wallet by maintaining a certain token balance.
  • Receive discounts on commissions and service fees by using FSQN tokens for payments.
  • Benefit from our daily buyback strategy, with 25% of profits are used to purchase and burn tokens, enhancing value.
  • Explore trading opportunities within our platform for potential gains.
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  • Сomplete Security
  • privacy
The Best Features in One App

Seed-based authorization offers maximum privacy, eliminating the need for phone numbers and confirmation codes while ensuring full account control.

No need for a phone number or email

Encrypt your messages with blockchain

You chose how long your messages are stored

Bank card without personal data

Fasqon doesn't collect user data

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Private Sale

Hurry up to participate before 11.12.2024

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Complete the registration procedure in less than 5 minutes.

Go through the KYC procedure

Since Fasqon complies with all European Union regulations, the KYC procedure is required for token purchases. However, we have made this process to both quick and convenient.

Connect your Metamask Wallet

All accruals in Fasqon’s User Dashboard are made directly to your Metamask wallet, for your convenience and safety. If you are not familiar with this connection method, we have a guide ready for you.

Min. purchase: 5,000$
Max. purchase: 50,000$
  • FSQN Distribution
  • Sales Rounds
Stage 1
Private Sale (Round A)
  • Number of Tokens30 000 000
  • Token Price$0.01
  • Cliff After12 months
  • Unlock During12 months
Stage 2
Private Sale (Round B)
  • Number of Tokens50 000 000
  • Token Price$0.015
  • Cliff After6 months
  • Unlock During12 months
Stage 3
  • Number of Tokens150 000 000
  • Token Price$0.03
  • Cliff After3 months
  • Unlock During9 months
  • Profit
  • FSQN
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Discover your potential earnings! Enter your purchase amount to see how much profit you can make by buying tokens now and selling them during future growth stages. Start planning your purchase strategy today!

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  • Platform Development
1. Current State

Project Initiation

2. Future plan

(1 year of work)
  • • Launch of the Fasqon messenger
  • • Prototype development and testing
  • • Improving functionality
  • • Testing
3. Development

desktop and mobile

  • • Mobile applications
  • • Deskstop version
4. Testing and release
(2 year of work)
  • • Functional and security testing
  • • Release
5. Promotion

and monetization
  • • Marketing strategy
  • • Monetization strategies
What is FSQN, and why should I buy early?

FSQN is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, central to Fasqon's ecosystem, offering premium access and discounts within our platform. Investing early in FSQN during our private sale rounds or IDO ensures you secure the token at the lowest price before it increases, maximizing your investment potential as the project grows.

Where can I purchase FSQN tokens?

FSQN tokens can be purchased exclusively on Fasqon Client Dashboard platform during the Private Sale A and Private Sale B stages. By connecting your MetaMask wallet, you'll be able to participate in these early investment rounds. Additionally, our IDO round will be hosted on our partner platforms, giving you more opportunities to acquire FSQN tokens before they hit the wider market.

What do I need to do to purchase FSQN tokens?

To purchase FSQN tokens, follow these steps:

Begin by signing up on our dedicated platform. Next, you'll need to complete our quick and straightforward KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. Finally, link your MetaMask wallet to your Fasqon account.

How will Fasqon ensure liquidity and stability post-ICO?

The private bank card offered by FASQON ensures financial transactions remain private, without carrying user personal data. It combines the convenience of traditional payment methods with the privacy needs of modern users, protected with advanced encryption to prevent data theft, and is compatible with digital wallets and cryptocurrency platforms.

Why choose Fasqon for investment?

Fasqon offers a unique blend of blockchain-based solutions that address current gaps in secure communication and financial transactions, distinguishing itself from other companies in the blockchain space. Our platform features:

Blockchain Messenger: Offers secure, private messaging with encrypted calls and chat rooms, using one-time tokens for unparalleled privacy. Crypto-Fiat Wallet: Enables anonymous, secure transactions and easy token or coin swaps directly within chats. Anonymous Plastic Card: Provides a secure, private payment method, compatible with crypto platforms, without revealing personal data.

Can I participate in token sales on FASQON, and what are the stages?

The funds raised from FSQN's sales will be efficiently distributed to fuel the growth and development of the Fasqon ecosystem:

Liquidity Reserve (15%): To ensure smooth trading and stability of FSQN tokens on exchanges.

Marketing & PR (40%): To build awareness, attract users, and increase FSQN's visibility in the competitive blockchain market.

Development (30%): For the enhancement of the platform and introduction of new, innovative features to keep up with technological advancements.

Infrastructure (5%): To bolster the technological backbone of Fasqon, ensuring a secure, fast, and reliable platform.

Diverse Expenses (10%): Covering operational, legal, and administrative costs to maintain seamless day-to-day operations.

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Made in Portugal, Used Around the World

Seed-based authorization offers maximum privacy, eliminating the need for phone numbers and confirmation codes while ensuring full account control.

Legal information

Access registration code (Código de acesso): 2853-2787-4837

fasqon, unipessoal lda (zona franca da madeira)

 NIPC: 517395436 (Portugal)
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About Fasqon